The Corporation of the Seven Wardens - Camp 2 - Montreal




It’s a pleasure to have you on the web site of Camp 2 (Montreal) of the Corporation of the Seven Wardens.

In the following texts, we present the history of the Corporation and of the hammered iron ring for engineers. We also explain briefly the evolution of the Ritual and give the criteria for the admissibility to the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer.

Finally, you will find a section reserved for the frequently asked questions.

We wish you a very good reading.


Nature and meaning

The obligation of an engineer is a Canadian tradition. Created in 1925, the Ritual aims at cultivating esprit de corps among engineers. It has the format of a greeting ritual for the incoming engineering candidates in the profession, during which the engineer, from his own free will, obligates himself or herself to be respectful of human, social and professional values.

Pursuant to this engagement, the candidate receives a hammered iron ring, which is the symbol of this obligation. The Ritual’s objective is not to obtain an iron ring, but to obligate oneself freely towards his (her) peers in the profession.

Thus, the iron ring is not the proof that the candidate holds a university degree or belongs to a professional association. The Corporation of the Seven Wardens is fully autonomous and has no connection to any other organization.