The Corporation of the Seven Wardens - Camp 2 - Montreal


The evolution of the Ritual

It is generally believed that the ritual is a secret ceremony, which is not true. Originally, it could have been the case because Rudyard Kipling said that it was “not for the public nor for the press…”  However, as time went on, in many Camps, it became an activity witnessed by parents and friends. The ceremony is solemn and respects the tradition emanating from the original Wardens and the Kipling texts.

The Ritual includes the following phases:


  • The History and Meaning of the Ritual;

  • A text of reflection;

  • The delivery of the Obligation by candidates, in unison, while holding the chain;

  • The invitation to each candidate to receive the Iron Ring from their sponsor or a previously obligated engineer;

  • The charge, the reading of a poem and the termination of the Ritual.