The Corporation of the Seven Wardens - Camp 2 - Montreal



Admissibility criteria


Admissibility to the Obligation Ceremonies




The Obligation Ceremony is a unique Canadian tradition, carried out in Canada alone for engineers. Participants in the Ritual do so of their own free will.


Criteria of Admissibility


1)      Successful completion of your Bachelor's Degree in Engineering at a Canadian University accredited by CEAB;




2)      Confirmation of your current accreditation from a Provincial licensing body (OIQ, PEO, APEGA, EGBC, etc.).  


N.B. For the Candidates to the Engineering Profession (CEP), please pay attention to level of advancement of your CEP training program BEFORE submitting the Obligation request form for the Iron Ring Ceremony.

It is really important to indicate where you are standing as of right now in your training to verify if the necessary competencies are reached.

See below what are the requirements needed for a CEP to participate at the Ceremony; you will find the information on your online CEP portal section « Account details ».




Please pay attention to the 1st section of the 3rd step : Practical Section.

When a BLUE exclamation mark or a GREEN check appears in the practical section, you can submit the Obligation request form to participate at the Ceremony.


Updated: June 19th, 2021