The Corporation of the Seven Wardens - Camp 2 - Montreal



Request for an Obligation

If you are currently completing your undergraduate degree in one of the Universities or Schools related to Camp 2 of Montreal, you must follow the instruction of your campus representative and register on your campus; please respect the registration deadline indicated by your campus representative.


If you have completed your undergraduate degree outside of Quebec or Canada, and are interested in applying for the Iron Ring Ceremony, you must attend the Senior Ceremony.


Complete the online “Obligation Request formand attach a copy of the required documents (bachelor degree in engineering and, if applicable, proof of admission to the OIQ / provincial engineering licensing body).


Thank you.

1100, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, local A-0854
Montreal (QC) H3C 1K3


If you completed your undergraduate degree at a Canadian university, but somehow failed to attend your ceremony, please contact the undergraduate counselor for your discipline at your University, and ask them to provide you with a formal letter, indicating that you are eligible to attend the ceremony. This letter should be included in your request form with a cover letter requesting attendance at the next Iron Ring Ceremony. Please make sure to include your full contact information, including your telephone number and your e-mail address.


The ceremonies take place twice a year, one in autumn and the other in winter. Consult the news board for the details.


Registration begins on:

                                June 1st for the Autumn ceremonies

                                December 1st for the Winter ceremonies.


Your application package, complete with the requested material must be submitted:


                                before August 15th for the Autumn ceremonies

                                before January 15th for the Winter ceremonies.


Please respect the indicated deadline.