The Corporation of the Seven Wardens - Camp 2 - Montreal

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Januray 1, 2023

This section of the Iron Ring website is dedicated specifically to Camp 2 of Montreal.

To contact other Camps in Canada, please use the website : 


Q: Who can attend the Iron Ring Ceremony as a guest?

At McGill University and Concordia: Due to the nature of the ceremony and the space limitations of the room, only engineers that were obligated and counting at least four years of experience may attend the Ceremony as sponsors.


Other Universities / Schools: Guests (Relatives, spouses, friends, professors), and sponsors may attend the Ceremony. The number of guests is determined by the number of free places in the room; check with the University / School representative to obtain that information (see Contact section)


Q: Where are the ceremonies held?

Ceremonies are held in different places ceremony after ceremony. Consult the actualities board  for the dates and the University / School representative for the place.


Q: I've lost my iron ring. What is the process to get it replaced?

Please complete the online Iron Ring Replacement Form.. The payment of $25 CAD (+ taxes) is done through PayPal. You can also obtain a copy of your obligation certificate. Do not forget to indicate the new ring size. Please be aware that no replacement will be made prior to receiving payment. 

Q: I'm not sure I have my original Obligation Certificate. Will the small oath card, my Professional Engineer membership, or a copy of my degree suffice?

The Obligation Certificate has been granted to you after the ceremony, has an approximate size of 8.5 x 11 and is titled "The Ritual of the Calling of An Engineer". It will be signed by the Camp Secretary, yourself, and will hold your unique Obligation Number. If you have lost your Certificate and would like to have it replaced, please contact your Camp. Only your original Camp can replace your Obligation Certificate. This Obligation Number is required as proof that you attended the ceremony, therefore, the oath card, the PE or OIQ membership card or number, or a copy of your degree cannot be used for the replacement of your iron ring.


Q: Can I replace someone's Iron Ring for them as a surprise?

Only an obligated engineer may replace his/her own ring.


Q: Can I send someone to pick up my Iron Ring?

We generally discourage people from doing so. However, if you fill out the Iron Ring Replacement Form, and provide us with a formal letter, indicating the name of the person who will be picking up your ring, your ring will be replaced for you at one of the locations specified in the Contacts section.


Q: How do I exchange my ring?

Complete and submit the Iron Ring Replacement Form, make a $25 CAD payment (+ taxes) via PayPal and mail the ring to Camp 2.


Q: I would like to exchange my ring, but I want to keep my old ring. Can I do that?

The camp does not allow obligated engineers to own more than one ring. If you would like to exchange your ring, you must relinquish the one that you have first.


Q: I don't know my size, do you have it on record?

We do not have the ring size from each year on record, as your ring size may change over time. Please go to a jewellery store to size your pinky finger.




For additional information, please contact us at the address below (by mail or by e-mail) :

1100, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, local A-0854
Montreal QC H3C 1K3