The Corporation of the Seven Wardens - Camp 2 - Montreal



Replacement of an iron ring


REMINDER : Iron ring replacement is normally done by your home camp. Your home camp is where you originally received your first iron ring. You can find camp contact details (camp/city) via the site :

In some cases, if you require personal assistance to replace your ring or if you have moved to another area, please follow the procedure below for Camp 2 MTL.

Your Obligation Number is required as proof that you attended the ceremony. If you do not have that information, we will need to find it for you.

We do not have the ring size from each year on record, as your ring size may change over time.


Exchange of an iron ring

If you have received your new ring from your university, please first contact the university representatives for the ring exchange.

Please complete and submit the Iron Ring Replacement Form, including a $28.74 CAD payment (taxes included) via PayPal and mail the ring to the Camp 2 office. 

Loss of an iron ring

Please complete and submit the Iron Ring Replacement Form, including a $28.74 CAD payment (taxes included) via PayPal. 

Copy of the Obligation Certificate

If you have lost your Certificate and would like to have it replaced, please contact your Camp. Only your original Camp can replace your Obligation CertificateCamp 2 offers that service : please add an extra $11.50 CAD (taxes included) along with the ring replacement fees.


Making an appointment

We also offer some availability at the office Monday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM to receive you on pre-scheduled appointments, after submitting your replacement form and making the payment. We will have a template available at the office for you to try different sizes of iron rings. Here is the link to make your appointment:


For additional information, please contact us at the address below (by mail or e-mail) :

1100, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, local A-0854
Montréal QC  H3C 1K3